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Massage therapist Bonnie Plant is known not only for expert massage in Eugene, Oregon, but also has expertise in providing work to improve your energy and spirit.

The benefits of massage are plenty and well documented. Whether you are fully functional or recovering from an injury or surgery, Bonnie can help in your path to better health and living. If your body is pain free and working properly, massage can decrease your chance of everyday or sport injury by keeping your blood flow up in muscles and tissue and allowing a broader range of motion. If recovering from surgery or injury, massage has the same benefits as well as providing gentle stimulation of scarred areas and helps reduce the formation of scar tissue. The reduction of scar tissue allows for a larger range of motion as well as experiencing less pain after recovery.

Bonnie provides a wide range of therapeutic massages and expertise in helping restore balance in life through providing a patient's needs. A hands-on approach to health can begin with massage, leaving one feeling more relaxed, centered and ready to face the world.

Studies of the human touch show that it is important to physical and mental wellbeing. Psychology Today reports that touch is important in 8 ways:

  1. Decreased violence.
  2. Greater trust between individuals.
  3. Economic gain.
  4. Decreased disease and stronger immune system.
  5. Stronger team dynamics.
  6. More non-sexual emotional intimacy.
  7. Greater learning engagement.
  8. Overall wellbeing.

I welcome working with massage clients on these questions: