Muscle Energy Technique (MET)- This is a method of manual therapy in which the client provides specific amounts of resistance to the therapist's pressure. The client actively participates with the therapist to lessen joint strain, improve range of motion and soft tissue function, and help change chronic pain patterns.

Functional Indirect- This technique helps restore joint range of motion and lessen pain by moving the affected joint into a pain-free position, or "position of ease." This changes the signals being sent to the spinal cord and brain, breaking the pain and spasm cycles.

Deep Tissue- A type of massage that reaches structures beneath the superficial fascia in an to attempt to relieve more chronic muscle problems or injuries.

Craniosacral- Uses light touch to assess and correct restrictions between cranial bones, connective membranes and the sacrum.

Myofascial Release- As fascia surrounding muscles and joints develops adhesions and loses its elasticity, the connected structures can become tight and resistant. This technique applies specific pressure and direction to the tissues, holding them until a softening occurs and a suppleness is restored to that area of the body.

Brennan Healing Science- Our physical body is surrounded by the human energy field, within which are 7 major energy centers known as chakras. Their job is to supply the physical body with vital life force, also known as prana or chi, necessary for health and happiness. One's energy field is affected by both internal and external factors. Eventually dis-ease can result due to imbalance and unhealthy flow. The unique training of a Brennan Healing Practitioner allows us to sense energy blocks in the body's electromagnetic field. This holistic system helps clear the field distortions, restoring healthy frequencies, promoting the optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state for the client. It can also support those who want to clear old belief systems or affirm healthier patterns in their lives.

Benefits of Brennan Healing: