My own healing journey began in the early 1990's when I realized (from my position as a researcher) I wanted my daily work to have a more immediate impact I people's lives.

After some amount of searching, I found massage therapy and the doors began to open for me. After massage school, my passion quickly became to find ways to contact the problem at the level it existed and create helpful change for people. That is why if my list of techniques seems long, it's because each one helps me access a different system of the body to find the root cause and bring relief to my clients.

Since my licensure in 1996, my work has evolved into helping people remember their wholeness, their longings, and regain their mobility. To feel freedom again in their bodies and know that reflects the possibilities available to them in life. It has been my experience that bringing awareness and support to a small ache or dysfunction in the body can create positive change in the whole system.